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Relatively safe and sound. Will blog more as my wits come back to me-- probably tomorrow. Of course, many would say I rarely, if ever, have my wits about me.

I Know My Bible

So, M and I are watching TV and an ad for the "Book of Truck" (Toyota) comes on. She says out loud, "The Book of Truck?" and glances my way.

I immediately say, "Yes, I believe it is between Mark and Luke in the Bible."

We laughed; long and slightly hysterically.



First it hit M-- sore throat, general malaise, stuffy head, temperature swings. She got it Tuesday evening and then felt bad enough to stay home yesterday from work (a rare thing). Then it hit me yesterday as the day wore on. I logged off from work about an hour early and relaxed the rest of the evening. Her sore throat seemed worse and she didn't complain of a headache while I was coughing more and definitely had a headache; outside of those differences, we had fairly similar symptoms.

She's feeling better enough she's trying work today. She has a lunchtime meeting with the owner today and her coworker has been out for about a week visiting various stores, so she has some motivation to go in and be present at work.

I'm feeling worse as I write this-- the type of "feeling worse" that involves making the mad dash to the restroom shortly after she left for work . Ugh. I'm supposed to get on a plane early Saturday morning; I hope this clears up quickly or that…


Normally I am a fan of Google in general and their Gmail and Blogger businesses specifically. However, I have had some issues with Blogger lately and currently I can access but cannot see or seem to receive any legitimate email to the account.

It is frustrating when something like this happens and you cannot see or get to emails you know you have. I know, for example, that M has sent me three emails-- one early yesterday, shortly after she went to work. Yet here it is about 24 hours later and I have not received that email, or any of the others. Yet she received the email I sent from the same account (and replied to it, but I have yet to see her reply).

I do not know if anyone else has sent me an email to that account since about mid-day on Monday, but if you did, there is a good reason I haven't responded.

Blogger has also been giving me some difficulty; not posting things when I hit Publish (or send an email to the appropriate address), the edit feature not working properly, and ha…


I have a bad habit of listening to the radio. Yes, I know... I shouldn't. Almost any other source of music is better at telling me who the artist is, what the song is, or providing a list of the recently played songs.

Before coming to SJ, I heard a song that was upbeat, catchy, and fun. I liked it. It was on one of the indy stations in SoCal. I tried looking it up on the radio station's website, but they didn't have the song listed (they showed the the "last 10 songs we played" yet, strangely, the list only had the top albums on it and I hadn't heard any of those songs played during my drive).

I then performed an internet search with the stipulation 'lyrics "remember lyrics"' but that was fruitless. While my hearing isn't bad, per se, it is not great. What I mean is that whenever I go for a hearing test, I pass with flying colors. However, when I am in an environment with a lot of background noise and simultaneous sounds (like listening to…


I don't do these often, but I liked this one, so stole it from a friend's blog:

1. my real name:
John Martin
2. my gangsta name (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle.):
Johizzle3. my detective name (favourite color and favourite animal):
Blue LionBlue OtterBlue WolfBlue Dolphin
(I like a lot of animals -- each is a favorite for different reasons)
4. my soap opera name (your middle name and the street you live on):
Martin Las Palmas
5. my star wars name (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first):
Chejo6. my superhero name (your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink):
Black Pepsi (hmmm-- might be more exciting if a) I drank or b) I knew any drink names)
7. my “foreign name” (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, 3rd letter of you dads middle name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, and last letter of your moms middle name):
8. my witness protection name:
Eric A…


I didn't really get snow when I was here in December. But this time, I got snow! First Day!!!


I made it. No really bad stories this time, although the flight from LAX to Toronto had some bad turbulence which kept me from getting any rest. Managed to catch Dreamgirls on the flight; good movie, and some great singing, but I failed to see what most of the hype was about. I'd rank it a B+ for those who like musicals and a B- for those who don't.

Used Prime Time Shuttle this time out-- the base cost was quite a bit cheaper than Super Shuttle, but did not include a tip. There were three passengers in the vehicle total, and the other two were a nice couple who were surfers on their way to follow where the waves take them in Australia. Seemed like great people, and they were real surfers-- not the cardboard cutouts who talk funny in movies, but people who really believe and live their lives with the zen-like acceptance that real surfers have. Plus, they both had been surfing from at least the 70s on, so had been doing it before most of these bad stereotypes inundated modern cin…

Good News

I had my second shot today. The doctor kept me in the office for an hour and a half afterward, checking on me frequently, to ensure that I did not have an adverse reaction to it. I think he and his nurse were a little disappointed when I did not—maybe RA is one of those less interesting diseases to specialize in and they were hoping for something to enliven their day.All I got this time was some minor tingling in my feet and a little dehydration. I was not hallucinating, feeling heavy, feverish, suffering from a rapid heart beat or high blood pressure, or any of the other symptoms I had after the first injection. So, slightly dejected about not having an emergency to deal with but also happy that I can continue taking this medication, the doctor let me go to work. I am cleared to continue taking it.My next two injections are scheduled for while I am back east. Since I have the luxury of having someone with me, I will alter my schedule slightly and take it in the evening so I can relax…

Beat One, One to Go

I managed to beat the NWN2 game last night. The final battle is pretty epic, in that you are supposed to control nearly all of the companions you have accrued during your time playing the game. In addition, you are fighting against some extremely high-level villains who have a variety of skills.Then, once you complete the first battle, you get a moment to rest and save the game,andthen the next villain comes out. Once he’s defeated, another set of mobs attack you before you have an opportunity to do much of anything. Then, the final mob attacks. All during these battles, you have to pay attention to the clues being spoken by various members of your party as you need to destroy statues, destroy portals, and use certain abilities in order to be successful. And, with the mobs and number of characters you are trying to control,those messages may fly by very quickly.All in all, I felt that the graphics were much better and the rules engine superior to that found in NWN (and its add-ons). H…

Been Tagged

I apparently was tagged. I am tasked with writing 10 quirky, odd, weird, or unusual things about me. Most people I know would likely say just writing my name would be enough. ;-)

Let's see what/how many I can come up with:

I have predominantly awful dreams. However, many of these "nightmares" have really weird themes to them: like the recurring dream that I am living in 29, the Cubans parachute in to take over (ala Red Dawn), and the Godzilla comes trampling over everything. Yes, Godzilla -- and in my dream it doesn't look any more real than it does in the Toho movies.When people sleep near me (same room or within a room or two), they tend to not remember their dreams or have generally pleasant dreams-- while my dreams get worse. A few friends have actually called me a "dreamcatcher" because of this.While visiting England on a tour, Chris M. dared me to streak through our floor of the hotel. I said what the hell, took off every stitch of clothing, and casuall…

TV Outcomes

The following blurb was on the website for Friday, March 9, 2007: More Revelations About British Broadcast Scam

In what is fast becoming a scandal involving virtually all of Britain's major broadcasters, London newspapers today (Friday) revealed new allegations that programs featuring competitions in which viewers pay a telephone fee to vote on the outcome have been rigged. Alistair Graham, head of ICSTIS, which regulates premium-rate telephone lines in the U.K., accused some TV producers of engaging in "semi-fraudulent behavior" and confirmed that ICSTIS was currently looking into allegations of fraud affecting ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and the BBC. "If we have any evidence in which we believe there is a possibility that a criminal offense has been committed, we have very close links with the City of London police and I can assure you that we will refer such evidence to them to investigate." Meanwhile, the producer of the quiz show Brainteaser apo…

Follow Up

I amazed Renee today. I walked into her office and said, "I need to show you something...." I then proceeded to lift both arms easily over my head. I did two pseudo-deep knee bends. I lifted one leg and rotated the foot 180 degrees, and was able to flex both hands from a full fist to completely stretched out.Now, for the average human being, these acts are not usually a problem or very difficult. However, in early December, my RA kicked up and my medications slowed down and I have been having increasing difficulty and pain. My range of movement was affected.My RAdoctor agreed that the medication was no longer effective and we quickly worked on getting approval for a new medication. This was finally approved and I took it for the first time this week, onWednesday.It didn't go so well.However, the medicationis working. As you can see fromtherange of movement I mention above, the majority of the swelling and pain has been removed, Itake the stairs with little to no pain, I …

Fun Time

I scared M, my mother, my friends, and most of the people at work today. Today was the first day to take my new medication for my RA. Having never taken it before, and it coming in an injectable syringe, I had to go into my doctor's office to have them show me how to take it.

The nurse/practitioner showed me, answered a few questions I had, and then sent me on my merry way. Took me about 30 minutes to drive to work from there and, as I neared work, I started to feel a little funny. Couldn't put a finger on how, exactly, though.

Over the next 10-20 minutes I got bad fast. Felt "heavy" (I mean that literally, I felt like my arms weighed a ton and I kept stooping over because my head was too heavy to lift), I got flushed and hot, a rash developed on my chest and back, I was hallucinating, and dizzy. I asked Renee, my boss, if she knew if there was somewhere I could lie down. She didn't know, so I contact Tom in Facilities. Tom came up immediately, asked how I was doin…

Pretty Woman

Last night I walked by the picture of you I have hanging by the front
door. For whatever reason, I was particularly struck by how grateful I
am to have such a wonderful woman in my life and in my heart.I stopped and looked more closely. Once again I marveled to myself
that such an attractive and caring woman would be available when we
met and would be willing to try me out and see if we were a match.This led me to think about our first in-person meeting, and the
nervousness we started with and the joy in each other we found later.
I thought about my first visit to SJ, meeting your family and friends
(who all turned out to be such nice people). Our trips to DHS and 29.
Our recent visit to get "library cards."I am so, so lucky that you found me and made me yours.I love you.

What Are They Thinking?

I just walked into the men's room upstairs here at work, turned the
corner, and heard the squelching of my shoes on wet tile. Looking
around, I saw -- how should I put this -- a lot of liquid and very
little water all over the floor by the urinals and the sinks. We are supposed to all be adults here. I shouldn't have to deal with the
bathroom looking and smelling like the ones I was forced to use in
grade-school. I can't help but wonder: what if I had been a client here for training?
What if I was a prospective client touring the business to see if I
wanted to hire this company? One look at that mess and I would likely
say thanks, but no. Is the behavior in here indicative of the behavior
these people have for their software, product, clients? Even giving the benefit of the doubt that a urinal overflowed (which I
doubt-- I would assume a lot more water and a lot less "other" if that
happened), why wouldn't the person there when the problem happened tell
Facilities so it …