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A long while back I mentioned that I was working on a poem (July 2005). Well, the original thought came out quickly, but I was dissatisfied with the form and some of the lines. It has taken until now to be mostly happy with the result. I won't say this poem is finished, as I don't think any poem I've ever written is "finished," but it is done-- for now.

No permission is given to copy or link to the following poem without written approval from the author-- me.

The Wood Nymph

I stand mesmerized by your form and grace
Struck spellbound by your splendid woodland race.
I lurk outside your dell, hoping for a glance
Of your body as you start your woodland dance.

I enter your glade and passion fills your dance;
And smiling lips sing songs of birth, growth, romance.
With your naked beauty and laughing eyes
You elicit heartfelt and lovelorn sighs.

I sit on your grass and against your birch tree;
Slowly you spin your untamed dance around me.
Your sprightly songs ease from fulfillment a…

Bowling Finale (4/26/2006)

As expected, I did not bowl up to my last three week's promise tonight. I barely managed a 168, 170, and 184 for a 522 series. I can count on 1 hand the "good" balls I threw tonight. I hurt all over-- my knee, my foot, my right wrist, and my back all ache. The season is just a little bit too long for me. I will be glad for a break from bowling.

As to Sweeps, our team came in 5th place overall for the season, so we earned almost $100 each for that. I earned another $20 for league high handicap game (809), we stumbled to a 16th place finish tonight (out of 16 teams) and won another $20 each for that (yes, every position makes some cash), and we got $1 each for having the third highest handicap series for a team. Basically, $140 cash walking out the door-- not too shabby.

In addition, I earned:
A League High Series pinA '75 pins over average game' patchA '140 pins over series' patchA 700 series patch (or, in looking at it more closely, I think it is a leather …

Bowling Update (4/19/06)

First let me say-- sometimes you know you have made the right decisions by how you react afterward. The fact that I came home tonight after bowling and was disappointed to find an empty apartment (well, the cat was there, but she's not quite who I was looking for) indicates to me that I made the right choice recently.

I miss you already. July (or moving) can't come soon enough.


Now, to bowling. The team sputtered to the finish line. Jean, Lilia (still bowling in place of Tai), and Arvin each had one good game. We were going against the team with two of the top three average bowlers for the men and one of the top three average bowlers for women, and it showed. They matched us and, while we managed to take one game and hang close over all, we went 1-3. So, we likely dropped from 4th to 5th with that showing tonight. Oh well.

On a personal note, I had a really nice game going in the first game before I tweeked the hell out of my right knee. Frankly, if I didn't have the…

And She's Off...

Super Shuttle was just here to pick up M. She's on her way to LAX, Air Canada, Montreal, and, finally, home.

Take care of her, all involved-- she's precious cargo. And safe travels.

And next time, I find the time off to take her to the airport myself. This sucks.

Will You Marry Me?

You were bored and searching for something to read when serendipity brought you to my blog.

Many blog responses and emails later, things seemed to be going well. We took the next fateful step—meeting in person.

That scary step out of the way, we planned for me to visit your fair town.

First with some pumpkin carving at Halloween and then for presents at Christmas and togetherness at New Year's.

Soon after you visited my part of the world to meet my friends and family and to discover what warm weather in February is like.

I think we’ve reached the point where it is time for us to make more permanent arrangements.
I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?

Bowling Update (4/12/06)

First, let me say this—Arvin had a great night. Without him, we would not have done as well as we did. He had a 177 average with a high 180s and a low 190s game. Way to go. You were a great wing-man tonight.

Second, Jean had two very good games, with one in the 150s. Very nice!

Lilia, once more filling in for Tai, had two games above her average, with a 90 and a best-game tying113. Awesome night!

Lastly, the team went 4-0 and moved into 4th place in the league over-all (if we did our math correctly).

Now to your (not so) humble narrator.

I managed to live up to my new moniker of “Mr. X” by proceeding to beat my all-time high game by bowling a 256. I followed that game by breaking my new all-time high game when I bowled a 264. I followed that with a 223 for a 743 total! This was my best night bowling ever, the first time I broke a 700 scratch, and the first time I broke an 800 handicap! It also appears that I took over high game series in the league.

Spam-- Not Just for Dinner Any More

I have only ever given my newest, personal email account out to close people. I have generally been pretty strident about not giving it out to just anyone in order to see how long I could avoid receiving spam in it. Every single email account I have ever accessed has been clear for the first year and then, slowly at first, and then more rapidly as time goes on, they fill with spam.

Like clockwork, I have had this particular email account for a little over a year now and the spam is starting to roll in. Currently I am only getting a couple a day— usually only 1-2 a day and so far my spam filter on the email is catching them.

My account, received through my ISP, gave me a free email which I virtually never used. The last time I logged into it, it was full of over 12,000 spam emails received in a 4 month period.

The Yahoo account, once my main email and now primarily used as the email I provide to companies that insist on having it (and by a few friends who stubbornly refuse to use …

Bowling Updates (3/29 and 4/5)

Jean and I were both sick last week, and Tai couldn’t make it, so we needed to schedule make up bowling for last Wednesday. We did the make up on Saturday. It was of special note because it was the first time Arvin missed a game in the two seasons we’ve bowled together. However, as it was a make up day and he was ready to bowl on Wednesday, I won’t hold that against him.

The conditions on Saturday were not ideal. Jean wound up having to miss that day, too, so we had Lilia bowl in her place. Arvin was off to Vegas, so we used his blind score. Tai had a fabulous session, bowling 160s, 170s, and a 199. I, however, bowled very poorly, getting a 145, 125, and a 187. Yes, you saw that correctly, the streak is dead. I missed a 200 for the first time in 10 weeks. Until the other team’s scores and ours are put in the computer, we won’t know how we did. However, I doubt Tai’s heroics are enough for us to win more than 1 or 2.

Tonight, everyone but Tai was available. Jean had two good games, in th…

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Sometimes I am very glad I am a human being. Because they shoot horses who come up lame.

Don't get me wrong-- this post isn't about seeking pity or feeling sorry for myself. First, I don't want your pity-- have no use for it. Second, my Ego is big enough it doesn't allow me to feel sorry for myself (at least for long); I'm too wonderful! I am just working through some of the built-up consternation I have with this situation.

My liver disease is a chronic autoimmune condition. Unfortunately, autoimmune conditions have a bad tendency to snowball into other autoimmune conditions. Thus, I also have rheumatoid arthritis. Actually, in discussion with my GE doctor, there is a little debate on which I got first, but the end result is the same-- I have both now. After 11 years of this, I guess I don't really care which came first.

This morning I woke up and the pain in my hands was high. Each knuckle in my left hand was hurting and didn't want to move. My back was stif…

The Pause that ... Infuriates!

I have a problem with my work laptop, one that my buddies in IT have been trying to help me with to no avail.

When I connect my laptop at work through its docking station, I have intermittent but painfully obvious pausing issues. It gets so bad that entire words get skipped while I’m typing. It’s so bad that, if I’m listening to music, the pauses during the songs are annoying and obvious. It’s so bad that the mouse jumps across the entire screen or, worse, just sits in the same location because the machine can’t figure out where it should be.

If I unhook everything from the docking station and plug it directly into the back of the laptop, the pausing issue is minimized, but doesn’t go away entirely. The issues while typing become only hiccups. The mouse will catch up to where it should be. But the music glitches are still fairly pronounced.

However, when I work from home and connect via the internet, I do not experience the pausing issue at all, even though the connection is quite a bit …

Quote of the Day

"There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will." - Epictetus