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More Heaving

As I mentioned before, I have been having problems with vomiting in the morning. This has been going on for some months and the slow process of medical care here means that I finally have my Ear Nose Throat doctor appointment next week.

I mention it here because the vomiting has been slowly getting more violent and painful. This morning, for example, I was walking around collecting the trash when it struck me and struck me hard. Thankfully, I was holding a garbage bag. The pain and effort was such that I collapsed to my knees. The problem comes from having nothing in my stomach but air, mucus, and stomach acids. So, when the air and the mucus in my throat irritate enough to trigger a vomit reaction, all I have to throw up is more air, mucus, and stomach acid. And, since the trigger is air and mucus in my throat, I keep throwing up until the mucus in the throat is moved enough to no longer tickle things.

This whole event leaves me exhausted, feeling bad, sore, and out of sorts. This mo…


Last night's dream was vivid and detailed. I was living in some metropolitan area that was both spread out (like LA) and with a large number of tall buildings (like NY). I was frequently visiting a friend, Sean, in his funky apartment that happened to be made from a former bank vault. It was a very nice apartment, done in a pseudo-70s style, and had the luxury of being the only one in the complex without a neighbor beside, behind, above, or below it. (This apartment has actually appeared in more than one dream; I often re-use people, locations, and things in my dreams. I guess my subconscious is frugal.) Sean was dating/seeing/married to (I never quite got the exact relationship) my sister. Two of my friends, Jay and Lisa, were often found eating breakfast at Sean's place.

Wherever this took place, I was going to school. The school was close enough that I often stopped by Sean's in order to visit, waste time, or eat prior to or after returning from school. On this particul…

Adobe Redux

Part 1 is here.

I finally received all of the emails from Adobe needed in order to follow links, get my software, and install it... or so I thought.

This morning, I went to Adobe's Licensing website to download my install files and get the new version of the software on my system. I figured it would be pretty fast, and I could start using FM 9 this morning as I continue my project for the client.

The downloads went smoothly but I noticed on the Serial Numbers page of the website, only FM 10 was shown. I figured that the one serial number must be good for both products and continued with the installation of FM 9. I got to the serial number screen of the installation process and it wouldn't accept what I provided.

I went to Adobe's support site and got stuck in an endless loop of "Start here" and "if this page doesn't answer your questions" links that just took me from one to the other. I finally figured out where the Adobe support call number was, ca…

Take My Money... Please!

Sometimes I wonder if businesses actually want to take my money. I asked for a quote on an upgrade to my Adobe FrameMaker 7 license to FrameMaker 9. I started a phone and email conversation with one of Adobe's representatives, whom I will call "Jim." I explained my situation in detail, Jim told me that I could not upgrade to FM 9, as the company no longer directly sells that version, but that I could upgrade to FM 10 and purchase a separate back license for an additional $20. Because the pricing ($1120) was way too rich for my independent contractor finances, I thanked him and moved on.

About a week later Jim informed me via email that Adobe was having a short-term promotion where they were knocking $400 off the license fee, meaning I could get the same deal (FM10 with a back license for FM 9) for $720. Still way to expensive for software, but much more manageable than before. I checked to make sure I could write off the cost on my taxes (yes), talked it over with my wif…