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Handy Some More

As I mentioned in a previous post, I put together and needed to figure out how to install a bathroom cabinet. Well, I happened to have two large bolts left over from a previous project, so I salvaged them. I bought a stud finder (and, yes, it got a hit on me almost immediately!) and found myself the stud that happens to be almost centered above the toilet (not quite, but close enough I think). I then did some quick measurements, drilled some holes, and used my largest ratchet to drive the bolts home into the solid wood stud.

I doubt it will be going anywhere any time soon. That being said, as with all things attached to the wall, we will want to refrain from overloading it.

Here's the finished product on the wall.

As you can see, we bought hardware that matches the remaining bathroom fixtures. I had to drill for those, and followed the rough guideline of all the other cabinets in the bathroom and house in locating them on the doors. Seems to have worked pretty well.

It turned out pret…

Being Handy

I've been allowed to be more handy since moving in with my wife. One of the things I disliked about apartment dwelling was that I didn't feel like I could do much; the apartment wasn't mine and any changes I made would have to be undone before I moved out.

At the house, however, M needs a few things done that she just can't do. I'm not certain I always can, either, but I am willing to risk it and dive in and give it a shot. Other things I am capable of, if very, very rusty from long-term apartment living.

For example, I am nearing completion on a 7 foot tall, 30 inch wide, 9-shelf DVD/CD shelf unit that will go in our front room (more on this in a separate post to come). With the help of our good friend Stew, I installed a new satellite dish to the side of the house. I've put together and need to figure out how to mount a bathroom cabinet. Switched out a shower head for a different shower head. Am working on a better solution to our screen door staying closed iss…

Sparkling Lemonade

A long while back, mom introduced me to a "new thing" she had discovered-- sparkling lemonade. This is, in essence, carbonated water mixed with yellow lemonade. Sort of like 7-Up, but with more of a lemonade flavor to it. Anyway, I loved it. It was incredibly refreshing and thirst quenching.

However, I was only able to get it for a couple of years before the stores around me just stopped selling it. I put in requests at the stores I frequented but, as usual, heard nothing back and the product didn't reappear.

While M and I were shopping after church a week or more ago I happened to see Sparkling Lemonade for sale as we were checking out. Picked some up and it was every bit as good, refreshing, and tasty as I remembered. M has since bought me a few more and I enjoy it immensely when I want something to actually quench my thirst (most sodas don't really quench my thirst no matter how tasty they might be going down).

A Small, Dumb Little Thing

We bought a cabinet for over the toilet to help with our bathroom overcrowding issues. It is a nice cabinet, white, and we got hardware to make it even better match the existing cabinets. I put it together today. It looks good.

However, the doors did not come pre-drilled to accept the hardware that comes with it, let alone our hardware. So I'll have to drill holes for that. And it doesn't come pre-drilled or with any hardware whatsoever to mount the damn thing to the wall. Which I find even odder than the doors not having holes for the hardware.

Luckily, there is a stud almost centered above the toilet. I'm going to get some good-sized wood screws, drill some holes, and mount it to the stud. That should be more than plenty to hold it up safely.


DirecTV provides a good product. However, M and I have found that their people are taught to lie, manipulate, and obfuscate the truth in a variety of ways.

Lie 1: When I was in SoCal, I both called the DirecTV support line and spoke with a person there as well as speaking at length to the rep at the store I went to about what M and I would need in order to have the "local stations" (i.e., the main networks as a local feed) as well as the appropriate DirecTV feeds of the "cable" channels and other items. I was told by both representatives that I did not have to install the system now, or activate it, that it would be no problem to do it once I was at my location and that I would have both the local feeds and the standard package with no difficulties.

Truth: Turns out, that was true-- only if I immediately set up my DirecTV receiver and card in SoCal, so that, when I moved back east, we would be "grandfathered" in and continue to get the local feeds. You see,…

One Last Hurdle Leaped

I got a letter from Service New Brunswick/Canada stating that I am now approved for Medicare services in Canada and providing me with the appropriate many-digit number to use. Service starts September 1. It is valid until 2010.

One more thing down. I'm practically a Canadian now.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

This weekend I got together for the first time with my new DnD group in Canada. Not all the members could make it, but four of did. We didn't do an "official" game, as I'm new to the group, the aforementioned couple of people who couldn't attend, and this was my first foray into using the new 4th Edition (4ed) rules published this year by Wizards of the Coast. Until now, I'll I had done was read through the books, create a few characters, and do some mock battles on my own.

While talking about it afterward, I brought up and then Dave clarified it by saying that our knowledge of the 3.5 ruleset actually is a hinderance to learning 4ed. For example, during a combat one of the player characters (PCs) knock one of the antagonists down. It took us a few minutes of discussion and looking up the various rules about Prone and Standing up from Prone to determine what, if anything should happen when the villain tried to stand up. In 3.5, you see, standing up from prone …

Someone Who Gets It

With all the Favre news lately, reading this quote in Peter King's MMQB article put a smile on my face:

"I don't have hard feelings. The great thing about being a fan is you can have an opinion and you can express your opinion. I'm glad we live in a country where we're allowed to express our opinion and say what we feel is on our mind. A lot of people don't have that freedom and don't have that opportunity. I don't have any regrets. I don't have hard feelings toward anyone. It's a game. Sometimes we forget that, but it's a game. It's a game a lot of us played as kids and enjoyed so much that sometimes the business side of the game ruins that. I've always tried to keep that first and foremost.''
--Classy former Jet quarterback Chad Pennington, after being fired so the Jets could bring in Favre to be their quarterback this year
I like Pennington. He's a talented QB who happens to have injury issues. When he can stay on the f…