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I'm Just SO Busy

Lately, most every email I receive seems to start or end with something along the lines of "I'm just so busy," "sorry, I'm so swamped lately," or "work has been murder lately." It is stated as a reason but I only find it an excuse.

Most everyone is busy these days. Economic times are hard; we're working longer with fewer people doing more. When we have the time, we have projects we need to get done -- fixing, cleaning, cooking, raising children, and caring for pets or family or friends. Yet, through all of this, some of us make the time to get to the things we say we will, when we will.

The statement "I'm just so busy" is purely selfish. Either make the time or don't. I don't need an apology or an excuse. It is also a subtle way, similar to people who are habitually late, of saying, "My time is more important to me than yours is; I'll get to you/with you when it is convenient to me."

If something is importan…