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Not THAT Great

So, the inevitable backlash has started already, and the movie has been out for barely a week. Heath Ledger's performance isn't "that great" I read on one response to an article about The Dark Knight. "Nothing special," said another poster. "Aaron Eckhart was better," said another.

I am not surprised by the backlash, but I am disappointed in it. Regardless of the fact that his cast mates were extolling his performance prior to his unfortunate death, most of those who are against Ledger's acting today seem to be in one of a couple of camps:
He is only being considered for an acting award because he died.He shouldn't be considered for an acting award because of how he died (i.e., that the Academy would be somehow praising a "druggie").He simply didn't do a good job of acting.Point one is a bad argument because many of the principles on The Dark Knight were praising his work prior to his death. Christopher Nolan is said that Ledge…

Good Authors Gone Bad

I am reading a newer novel by one of my favorite horror authors, James Herbert. He always has nifty ideas for his horror and has been writing it for years. However, as with all authors but especially those who write horror, his ability to close out the story in a satisfying way is a little hit or miss. In his best works (Moon, Rats, Domain, The Fog, The Magic Cottage), he hits just the right tone and nails the ending in a way that is very rewarding for the reader. When he misses, he doesn't miss by much (The Dark, The Survivor, Fluke).

In this new novel, Nobody True, he not only misses, but misses badly. The idea is promising; a man is killed by a serial killer while having an out-of-body experience. Since his spirit wasn't inhabiting the body when it was killed, he is not a ghost but he also cannot pass on to whatever awaits him beyond this life. He has little to no effect on the world in general, but soon learns that he must find his killer and stop him somehow.

The execution …

The Dark Knight

This is a movie that would likely be up for awards... except that it is about a man who dresses up as a bat and fights crime. While Ledger, deservedly, may get a nod for his unreal depiction of The Joker, I doubt the film will do well in any other category come Oscar time. Which is a shame.

This is a dark, adult crime story about three people who all are trying to clean up crime in a crime-ridden city. One is breaking the law to save the city, while the other two are trying to uphold the law even against an anarchic psycho and a conglomerate of mobsters. In no particular order, one of the three is nearly killed, the other is severely injured and turns to evil, and the last allows himself to become the hunted in order to preserve the city's new-found hope and rejuvenation.

If that story were directed by Scorsese and starred DiCaprio, Crowe, and Washington, you would be talking about a sure Oscar nomination and probably multiple acting, writing, and direction nods. But, this story is …


I few years back I developed a philosophy about people. I noticed in my own life and those around me that a specific question word tended to be the main reasoning behind many of our decisions. I started really paying attention to the people around me and found that I could see it happening on just about everyone.

Here, then, is my philosophy.
*** ----- ***
Each person has a Primary motivator driving his or her life which takes the form of one of the six question words. Secondary motivators are one to two of the remaining question words, and often switch due to stress or circumstances in the person's life. The remaining question words are tertiary; they are motivators only as circumstances dictate and always after answering the primary and/or secondary questions.

Primary Motivators
As we were likely all taught in grammar school, or from Sesame Street, the primary question words are Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. Here is how they operate:

Who - People are your primary moti…