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A Matter of Degree

The President was asked about the violence and head trauma in the NFL. His response was that, if he had boys, he would think twice before letting them play football. He then furthered his comments by saying he felt the NCAA (the governing body of college sports) should look at football because, and I paraphrase here, "if a college athlete is seriously injured, they have nothing to fall back on."

Er, what? Aren't these people playing football at college? Some of them at quite prestigious and expensive colleges? Shouldn't these men's first goal be getting an education rather than playing football?

The President inadvertently pointed out the issue with college sports in America: that a majority of sports players are NOT there to actually get an education, that many of them are not smart enough to get a degree from a higher-learning institution, and that they are devaluing any education provided at that institution by being there and being obligingly passed through s…

Firearm Fiasco

I realize I'm in a unique circumstance. However, I have tried to provide clear, direct, accurate information each step of the way while trying to legally get my firearms, which I left with my father when I moved here, to somewhere close by in the United States where I can go, pick them up, and legally cross into Canada with them.

First I had to go through the process of getting the proper licenses in Canada. That took some time and effort, but I am now licensed for both types of weapons (nonrestricted and restricted) that I own. I can now take possession of my firearms.

Next, I contacted the ATF -- the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and FIREARMS -- thinking they could help me by providing information. They did not know their ass from a hole in the ground. Matter of fact, the person I was in contact with did not know you could send firearms via the US Postal Service from person to person! So that wound up being a dead end, but took months of back and forth emails and phone conversatio…

Once... Again

I'm sitting at my desk listening to the music from the movie Once... and I'm wondering if the Guy made it as an artist, with his ex-girlfriend, or in life, in general. I wonder because the Girl was the exact inspiration and drive that he needed at the right time in his life. While he was obviously a good songwriter on his own, she was the muse that made him put it all together, gave him the drive to finish, and the impetus to move to London and make a go of it. Leaving without her, how can he possibly fare?

In my mind, the Guy probably moves back in with the ex-girlfriend, starts up a new relationship. But she hasn't really changed, and he's a different person now, one with different needs. He's still egotistical as all hell, so the relationship will probably fail. This is great for him, because the Guy now has both his leaving his muse (the Girl) and the breakup about which to write. As Bono sang, "Every artist kills their inspiration and sings about the grie…