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Ad Frustration

I am getting really upset with advertising these days. There are so many that so obviously obfuscate the truth or outright lie. I wonder how the federal government is allowing them to subvert or ignore the truth in advertising rules.

The many "male enhancement" ads started this annoyance. If you go to the Better Business Bureau and look up any of these companies, they each have a list of complaints against them a mile long. These led to a general annoyance with all of the ads for pharmacy products on TV with their 10 seconds of advertising and 20 seconds of side effects and warnings.

Next came the Mac versus PC ads. While entertaining and usually funny, I get consistently annoyed with the half-truths and sometimes outright lies that Mac uses against PC. I think Apple makes a good, quality product and that they could make similar gains in sales from touting those instead of lying about what PCs "can't" do. The same week that they release the ad touting how many pe…

Just the Facts

This was an article in today's news roundup:

MPAA Admits College Pirate Study Was Wrong
The Motion Picture Association of America has acknowledged that a study that it commissioned in 2005 -- that concluded that widespread illegal downloading of movies on college campuses was responsible for billions of dollars in losses -- was wrong. The study had claimed that students with access to high-speed Internet connections in college dorms were to blame for 44 percent of the industry's domestic losses from online pirating. However, on Tuesday, the MPAA admitted that it got the figure wrong because of "human error" and that it was more like 15 percent. But Mark Luker, vice president of Educause, told the Associated Press Tuesday that the study did not take into account the fact that 80 percent of college students live off campus. He figured that campus networks may be responsible for only 3 percent of illegal downloads. The industry's earlier figure, he maintain…

Unexpected Racism

One of the things I like about City of Heroes is that, in general, I find a better quality of player on the servers. I don't find a lot of gankers, or "Leet" snobs, or loot whores (this last mostly because there is little loot in the game). Every now and then over my nearly four years of playing I have run into someone who surprised me in a positive or negative way.

A few days ago, while playing my Peacebringer, Ace Atomic, I accepted an invitation to join a team. One of the two other members already on the team welcomed me and then asked me, "Why a PB (peacebringer) instead of a WS (warshade)?"

"Because I like to be a good guy," I responded.

"Have you read the history on WS? They are like bad guys who repent and try to do good."

"Exactly. I don't like that. I like being a good guy through and through," I said.

And then this person with whom I was having a perfectly ordinary, generally pleasant conversion, said the following (abs…


I have had to settle for scrambled and fried eggs lately because I have been failing miserably to make an omelet. Today, however, I managed to do everything right and created a nearly perfect half-moon of an omelet, filled with cheese, pepperoni, and broccoli.

I cannot be sure what I've been doing wrong lately, but today everything came together. I started the pan at high and then, once it was hot, turned it down to a medium/low setting. I sprayed a very light layer off Pam on it today, even though I was using a nonstick pan (on a few of the cooking shows I've caught recently the experts say you should do this), I remembered to move the liquid around a bit to ensure even cooking, and I waited until the egg was mostly cooked before adding the ingredients. Generally I do all of this each time, but the last few omelets have turned into scrambled eggs instead, as the flip hasn't functioned or the egg has not properly covered the pan and congealed during cooking.

Anyway, color …


Everyone who knows me knows that I do not approve of any athlete found to have used steroids. I say strike their records (or asterisk them, at least) and throw them out of the Hall of Fame.

That being said, I have an idea to throw out there.

What if, say, an athlete was sitting there, trying to fight against the effects of age and years of overuse to their bodies, and says to his personal trainer, "Isn't there something we can do?"

And Trainer says, "Well, X vitamins and Y pain relievers are said to work miracles." But what the trainer is thinking is, "If he doesn't keep producing, he won't need me any more and will retire. I want to keep this gravy train going, and the only thing that will really help is steroids. I'll show him the info on B12 injections, lidocaine, and all these other flim-flam "cures" but I know that HGH and certain steroids can't be detected, so I'll actually inject him with those. He won't even know w…

Undefeated IS Exceptional!

I am getting really tired of pundits saying we have to hold off on anointing the 2007 Patriots as one of best teams ever. In the history of the NFL, only 4 teams have completed the regular season with a perfect record, the Bears twice ('34 and '42), the Dolphins ('72), and now the Patriots ('07). So, in the entire history of the NFL, this has happened only 4 times! I think that right there makes a case for this Patriots team of being one of the best ever. If they manage to win the Super Bowl, then they will do what only 1 other NFL team has done, the Dolphins (the Bears teams both lost in the Championship game). And in all of professional football, only 1 other team has had a perfect season, the Browns in  '48 went 15-0, winning the championship of the AAFL (ironically, the domination by the Browns (52-4-3 in four seasons) is partly what caused the demise of the AAFL and subsequent merger with the NFL). However, while the NFL acknowledges the feat, it does not reco…

I've Been Saying this for YEARS!

From an news roundup:

The victory of Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary amounted to a big loss for polling companies (and, by logical extension, TV ratings companies, as well). There was general agreement expressed in the media that if pollsters who had predicted that Barack Obama would win by double digits (USA Today/Gallup had him leading Clinton by 13 percentage points) could be proven so wrong despite massive surveys of the New Hampshire population, then the news media's insistence on reporting the election as if it were a horse race ought to be reassessed. As it became clear Tuesday night that the polls had been out-and-out wrong, veteran NBC-TV newsman Tom Brokaw, brought in as a special analyst of Tuesday's election, turned to colleague Chris Matthews and remarked, "You know what I think we're going to have to do? Wait for the voters to make their judgment." Matthews responded, "Well, what do we do then in the d…

Round Two

Okay, I didn't do so hot in the first round of the NFL playoffs; I only got two of four games correctly picked for wins and losses, my scores were pretty far off, but I did well on my summary of what I thought would be keys to the games and the spread.

Jaguars at Patriots

I would not want to play the Jags if I was any team. This team is good at every position on both sides of the ball. They can pound it at you by running or throw decently through the air. They don't have many superstars, but have good quality and good depth at nearly every position out there. However, they are playing the Pats. As long as the Pats have Brady at QB and Belichick on the sideline game-planning, I don't bet against them. Also, they are at home and they have proven that weather is not a factor to their high-scoring offense. I am worried a bit about the Jags running on them (Pats were not good all season against the run) and keeping that powerful offense off the field. Also, the Jags are more phys…


I just can't for the life of me figure out why this movie did so poorly at the box office. I got Stardust from Netflix yesterday and sat down to watch it hoping for something good but believing it would be something bad after a few reviews and the poor box office results it got.

This is a great fantasy/fairy tale! Well acted throughout. Michelle Pfeiffer is great as the main witch, Robert DeNiro is hilarious as the "rough and tough" pirate captain (and his men give him great support), Charlie Cox plays the main hero, Tristan, with just the right amount of bravado and naivety, Claire Danes (always a favorite) gives a surprisingly warm and confident performance as Yvaine. The supporting cast is superb.

The story is a good one, involving a dreamer who wishes to marry the pretty but stuck up girl in his home town going to a fantasy realm to fetch her a fallen star. However, it turns out the star is a person. He then gets sort of roped into an adventure involving the star as pe…


Redskins 14, Seahawks 35 (wrong)

Man, I pegged this one all wrong. Seahawks played with a lot of heart and the "12th man" really came through for them. The Redskins looked tired after so many away games. I really thought when they came back to take the lead, that they would hold on and win it. But the Seahawks were able to grab the momentum right back and played to win.

Jaguars 31, Steelers 29 (right)

Much closer on this one; it was a tight game, the Jaguars showed their balance and efficiency in the red zone. The injuries hurt the Steelers mostly in that it made them rely on Rothlisburger too much. Ben hasn't really ever proven he can be the reason that the Steelers win; he's a great game-manager, but needs a good running game to take the pressure off and the defense to play well.

Giants 24, Bucs 14 (wrong)

The Giants came to play. And they had a good game plan to keep Manning successful. It is always tough to judge which Giants team will show for any given game. Garcia …


I like eggs. I like eggs a lot.

Yesterday morning I fixed two sunny-side up eggs, some toast, and then made some sunshine sandwiches out of the twain and enjoyed the immensely. This morning I scrambled some eggs, with Mrs. Dash and season salt, cheese, and some pepperoni and put it into a soft flour tortilla with some La Victoria taco sauce. Oh man!

I think the main thing I like about eggs is that they are so easy to change up. You can make scrambled eggs, which are good, but then you add some meat and veggies to it, cheese, some chorizo mix, or put it into a tortilla, and you've completely changed the meal. You fry them and they are good, but then you fry them and put them on toast or a muffin with cheese, hot sauce, and/or some meat, and it is something different again. And then you can go with an omelet and all of the variations there. And the best part about all of these combinations is that damn near all of them are done and ready to eat in under ten minutes. Many in under 5 …

Er... What?

I was just checking on a new movie release to add to my Netflix list when I noticed this in my suggestions box:

Now, Lost in Translation is a drama about two people stuck in a hotel in Japan and growing intimate with each other (in a non-sexual way). It is about relationships and people. What the hell does that have to do with this movie? I generally don't like sports stories, but I especially don't like x-games, winter sports, or sports injuries.

I think Netflix may want to look at their recommendation algorithm.

Going on Record

I speak to a lot of friends about the NFL and game results. However, it is easy to fall into the "I said that" with no proof syndrome. So, this year, I'm going on record by writing down what I think will happen in each of the playoff games. Let's see how radically far off I am!!

Redskins at Seahawks

The Redskins are hot right now. They are playing well on both sides of the ball. The Seahawks did well in a weak division, but have pretty much given up on their running game. There should be bad rain and high winds this weekend, which leads toward a stronger running game being required. While the Seahawks play in a very noisy stadium, I don't think that is enough.

Redskins over Seahawks, 24-17

Jaguars at Steelers

The Jags are incredibly well-balance. They are efficient and quite good in the red zone. The Steelers are suffering through some key injuries and ineffective play. While they are at home, the Jags proved they could play there. I have also not seen good in-game/ha…

El Sicko

I got sick about halfway through the Holidays, after going out to DHS and 29. Advil Cold/Sinus, Sudaphed, and some Halls Defense kept me going for the most part, but I did crash and burn a couple of times.

And then I took my Enbrel in order to ease the pain in my hands and feet, which was getting bad from the extended period between injections of my new schedule. However, apparently I was not yet over the cold and the meds were only masking it. Taking the Enbrel immediately caused the cold to flare up and today I am not at work because of it.

So, here I sit, feeling like crap warmed over with full-on cold symptoms (at least they aren't flu symptoms this time), hating life. It really sucks to have to choose between relative bodily health and discomfort and pain in my joints.

As We Expected

M tried to get her ticket changed last night. We tried again today, before she checked in. Chicago, Toronto, and SJ are all suffering from winter weather, snowstorms, and plenty of delays. However, United and Air Canada simply wouldn't listen and could not go the extra mile to rebook her for sometime a little later.

This is funny to me, as they allowed her to fly into Chicago and then are leaving her possibly stranded there because this leg of the flight was clear. So, rather than dealing with the rebooking last night, or doing it this morning, they have now added her to the even longer list of people they must accommodate tonight and tomorrow.

M is hoping to be on an American flight from Chicago to Montreal, where she can hopefully hook up with her brother and stay with someone she knows. However, when she called me and had me check, the American flight was already an hour delayed due to weather and it didn't look good that she would be going to Montreal, either.

So, because the…

M on Her Way

I have released M to the care of United and Air Canada, for her trip home. She will get stuck somewhere in either Chicago or Toronto, of that we are sure. However, the United and AC people were completely unable to change her flight(s) or destinations to avoid the... what?... third storm through that area since Xmas.

The good news is she has copies of everything she needs from me, we hope. Plus my signature on the most important pages. So she just needs to complete one or two simple areas, print out a mess of pictures as documentary proof, and ship off the paperwork for evaluation. Fingers crossed that this is it and we get a quick turnaround on it.

Now, to find something mindless and dull to do for awhile to distract me from the fact my honey is gone again.