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As this blog is, in essence, my journal, I find it funny that I have so many who wish to correct it. You can even find conscientious editors suggesting incorrect edits for me to make. I wonder if they would appreciate me editing their blog, journal, or personal space? I tend to doubt it. I also find it interesting that I do not see these comments on the wide variety of blogs and similar personal spaces I read, no matter how many misspellings, grammar errors, or typos are there; so what is it about my blog that prompts people to put on their editor's cap?

I know Liza and I know she means well when she suggests edits. She is an incredible writer and I fully recommend you read her stuff. However, for as good a writer as she is, she makes an equal number of mistakes as I do and for the same reason; she doesn't have an editor reviewing what she posts and it is hard to edit your own work. Yet I can't remember ever suggesting as a comment on her blog that she correct her errors an…

It Wasn't Me

I sometimes view the spam emails I receive, especially if it makes it all the way into my Inbox, rather than being caught by my spam filter. Recently, these emails have specifically said across the top, “Based on your web participation and purchases….” The emails have tried to sell me feminine hygiene products, home mortgages, penis enlargement/enhancement products, weight loss products, and, accounting for the bulk of them lately, high-end watch knockoffs. And, of course, sex; it is somewhat amazing how blatantly some spam emails sell outright sex. I was unaware there were so many women in OrangeCounty so desperate for sex they were willing to whore themselves out via the internet. It is generally considered a strong church-going, Republican stronghold in an otherwise Democrat/liberal leaning state.Now, I have done NO shopping for, nor any sort of web participation in, any sort of feminine hygiene, home mortgages, weight loss, or knockoff watches. And I happen to like the size of my …

Cool Old Words

M got me a word-a-day calendar that emphasizes words from Old English
that are not commonly used anymore.A few that have struck my fancy:biwrixle: to change, transformskeg: a fool or clownskingy: cold, nipping, as applied to weatherzarf: a cup-shaped holder for a hot coffee-cup... usually of metal and of ornamental designsnam: to snatch or rob. Mostly used to describe that kind of theft which consists of picking up anything lying about and making off with it rapidly ("snatch and grab")


Today's my birthday and I am 36 years old today. As my mother's student put it, I'm old enough to be her dad.

Here's what I'm thinking:
I love my wife and am getting tired of being apart.My father turned 30 the year I was born. Mom was 26. I'm 6 and 10 years older and only just got married and no sign of children any time soon. Times have changed.I wonder what it would be like to float in a container of water that was exactly my body temperature?Renee made me two loaves of cherry bread for my happy day. She did an especially good job on it, as it is moist without being wet. It is superb. Now, the hard part is to not eat it all before lunch!Dad sent me a card with a check for $75. Little does he know, he is now paying for fingerprints and a security check from the California and US governments!If I turn 36 today, that means in 11 days someone else is turning 36. And I'm bald and he's got gray hair. We're both married now. He has a child through his m…

Follow Up

If you'll recall, I had to use an ambulance service on March 7. Well, I got the bill for it ($1097.75), was shocked, and then spent time figuring out the procedures for submitting it to my insurance and getting them to pay for it. I actually spoke with a rep to answer some of my questions before sending it to them. I included the original bill at her suggestion so that "(they'll) take it from there!"

I received a letter from my insurance company today saying they couldn't process the claim because I didn't provide a procedure code. Well, no shit. I included the bill, so they had all the information I had. A brief look would indicate that it didn't include the procedure code, so I didn't include it.

So I called them and asked how I am to get that information, as they had the original bill. I had been an idiot and not made a copy of the bill, so I was without the info. Not sure what brain fart caused that, as I normally am pretty good about that sort of t…

Er, Hello?!

Can anyone say Captain Jean-Luc Picard????

Oh, and to answer someone else's question on another blog-- yes; one does the writing and one does the art.

When Is It Your Fault?

A woman at work just became hysterical. She was yelling and nearly in
tears because of a perceived lack of communication. I actually heard
her yell, "I don't understand how we could have such bad
miscommunication on this!" to a programmer.The funny thing is that she has been 'miscommunicating' with my boss
on documentation. And with me on alerts. And with QA on testing needs
and procedures. And with other programmers for other changes she
needs. And with product support for issues that have come up with
changes she requested. And even with others in her own group.Yet, all of these are everyone else's fault, not hers. Never hers. At
what point will it be enough to hit that limit where she says,
"Everyone I am in contact with is not understanding me or what I need.
Is there another way I can deal with them that will be more
effective?"At my previous employer there was one manager who was almost
exclusively at fault for about 200 people leaving the company. We kno…


My gaming group has, typically, six people in it. Three of those six have been gaming together regularly since 1995 now. A fourth was brought in about two years later and has been with us every since and the fifth and sixth are newer, but not that new, to this group. For awhile, we had three wives playing with us, too, which made for a very large and interesting group. One of those wives was a starting member in 1995 (giving us a quartet at that time, three players and a DM). She was also the last woman to stop playing in the game and only did because she had children. She still sometimes wants to play with us, but until the kids are older, has to stand back.Most consistently, we have two games running at any one time. Originally it wound up being one current and one on hold until the current DM hit a wall, life intruded, or we reached the end of the particular storyline. Then the other game would start back up and we would keep going. We have been lucky in that nearly all of the play…

Found this Funny

This made me laugh. Likely because I'm John and I'm dating Liz and I have a fat orange tabby cat.

Sleep Paralysis and Night Terrors

I suffer from something called Sleep Paralysis. I have pretty much all of the symptoms; the images of someone or something crushing me, the inability to move (initially), and usually taunting, acerbic comments from the being keeping me from moving. Mine tend to occur about mid-way through my sleep cycle and most often involve the image of a dark, shadowy figure entering or suddenly being in the room. It is then that I become unable to fully move. The figure walks toward the bed and does something that involves crushing me. Sometimes that is supernatural in some way, other times it is simply getting on top of me to strangle or in some way smother me.In my cases, as a child, there was usually nothing I could do about it. I would have to hope, in my head/dream, that something would occur to drive the figure away or make him leave. Oftentimes, my parents or my sister getting up, making some noise, or similar would drive the spirit away. As I grew older, however, and I developed some minor…


Well, at least I'm sexy!! ;-)

Your results:
You are Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
River (Stowaway)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Inara Serra (Companion)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
A Reaver (Cannibal)

Dependable and trustworthy.
You love your significant other and
you are a tough cookie when in a conflict.

Click here to take the "Which Serenity character am I?" quiz...


In case you have ever wondered but were afraid to find out-- lemonade and chocolate don't really mix. At all. Ugh!

Things I Don't Understand

People who drive 35 in a 55 zone in the fast lane.Comedy programs that aren't funny. See: The Office, Reno 911, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, et al.
People who come to a stop more than one car length from the intersection.People who are ten or more cars from the intersection but who take off the break and start to go as soon as the light turns green-- whether any of the cars in front of him/her are moving or not.People who drive 65 in a 35 zone and then don't pay enough attention to realize you, who are driving the speed limit and with care, keep winding up right beside or behind them at every red light.People who ride their bicycles on the wrong side of the street and then get mad at cars for the problems they are causing. In the US, bicycles are considered vehicles and are supposed to follow all the rules of the road as a car (including which side of the street they are on).The cop who is sitting in his car waiting for speeders or others who doesn't at least shout out to the bi…


I hate to eat alone. For as solitary an individual as I am, that is one thing I dislike doing by myself. Which is partly why I eat my big meal of the day at lunchtime and why I eat like crap when I am at home. Frankly, I don't even care if the other person is eating. I just like the company when I eat.

Today, I could not entice anyone to lunch with me, so I decided to call a favorite place, Gina's, and order something. Since I was calling, and I know how long it takes them to make one, I got a Calzone. The guy taking my order said, "Give us about 20 minutes to get it done." I already knew that, but it was good to have confirmation.

So I waited 20 minutes. I then cruised over (took about 6 minutes) and paid for my meal, which took another 3-4 minutes as I had to wait in line for the next cashier and there were a couple of people ahead of me.

And then I waited.

About 15 minutes later, as I was growing visibly upset with the wait, they finally completed it and gave it to me…


There is something sadistic about the task of jabbing yourself with a needle once a week to self-medicate. I can only imagine how much worse it is for those who have to do something similar more often or something even more invasive. It truly makes me wonder how anyone can become addicted to illicit drugs that require injection.

While I do my best to focus on how good I will feel after the shot as the pain from my arthritis eases away and I become mobile, flexible, and able, the pain of the injector shooting the needle through my skin and the drug coursing into my flesh makes me hesitate. For those 15 seconds as the medication injects into my thigh (or arm or abdomen) it is hard not to tense up. But, of course, tensing those muscles or moving the needle during the process just causes more pain and discomfort.

I have a friend who is very afraid of needles; he winces when someone else gets a shot and hates to watch, so you can imagine how much he hates it when he has to have a shot or giv…

Spoke Too Soon

Went down hard yesterday with the same illness M has/had. I didn't go to work yesterday at all and I am working from home today, although I am not sure how long that will last, either. Ugh.

Came out of nowhere as I felt fine Sunday and Monday. I was very much looking forward to DnD last night, but had to cancel my appearance due to the illness. We have a session in the other game scheduled for Saturday, and I'm wondering if I will feel up to going.


On a happy note, on Monday night I managed to get the remaining bubbles of XP needed to reach level 50 with my CoH character. Yay! I unlocked the two epic archetypes for use, got a lot of congrats from those who were on that late, and celebrated by going back to Galaxy City and training that last level where it all started; plus, any cool-named low-level characters got free Influence from me.

Now I just need to figure out a way to transfer some of my 30 million influence to my other characters-- once you hit 40s, influence is not re…