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From All Over

I have been writing this blog for 9.5 years now, starting in April of 2004. Blogger has changed a lot over that time, as has the Internet in general, but I'm comfortable here in my Omniverse talking blindly into the ether and wondering if anyone is listening.

Blogger has added some nice features over the last few years. One of my favorites is the Statistics page, which allows me to see who is reading my blog and what they are reading. What constantly surprises me is how often people read my old entries. In any given week, I'd say about half of my top ten entries are from 2004-2010. Seeing that a couple of people found those entries and read them makes me click them open and read them. It is a great way to remember and reminisce about those times and those issues.
For example, today's top ten posts break down to four from 2013 and six from 2012 or earlier (with the earliest written in 2006). Another thing that surprises me is who is reading this blog. As I am American, it i…