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Compassionate Lives

I am much more willing to entertain changes to my life when I view someone living theirs in a way that seems compassionate and interesting on a day to day basis. When I see someone only paying lip service to something they purport to believe in, however, I am completely turned off. For me, it comes down to the actual actions versus the reality of those who claim to be religious.

Honestly, I am not an overly religious person. While I have beliefs, and some of them correspond with teachings of some churches and faiths, I do not go to church and I do not claim association to any of the formal religions. I have studied and attended a number of religions and religious services of various sorts throughout my life. I try to keep an open mind to spiritual things, but I also believe firmly that any faith that asks me to stop thinking and questioning is not a good fit for me.

Too often, I am disappointed in those I know who claim to be religious. They do not act in accordance with their religio…

Paul Ryan is an Idiot

Paul Ryan is the Republican's "best and brightest" budgetary thinker. However, his last few budget proposals have a number of errors in thinking that show that he is, apparently, an abject idiot -- or, if we use the definition of 'doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result,' insane. You be the judge as to which applies.

Mr. Ryan just released his latest budget proposal and it, too, has a number of flaws. One that he consistently and egregiously makes is using an "infinite horizon" philosophy when discussing Medicare and Social Security without also applying the philosophy to the rest of the budget. He used it throughout the election cycle, even after, literally, dozens of economists and politicos pointed out this mistake. He also doesn't seem to understand how Social Security actual works (or that it is funded well into the future) or that rising medical costs are the reasons why Medicare is floundering.

I finally found an a…