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A Life Lesson

[Had video here, went missing from Youtube and I can't find it to re-link to it]

Pretty funny how our assumptions can come back and bite us on the ass. The video reminded me of something that happened in my college years.

The college I attended had a very strong black population. One day, walking from the dormitories to the building that housed my class, I crossed the main quad and stumbled my way into some sort of rally that the black students were having. As I walked across the quad, I became aware of someone shouting over the speaker, "Your people enslaved our people!" and I noticed that the black students around me were staring at me. I stopped and looked around and saw a middle-aged black man with a microphone staring and pointing at me.

"Excuse me?" I semi-shouted back. I was about two-thirds away from the 'podium' area from which he was speaking.

He reiterated, "Your people enslaved us!"

"Nope, didn't happen," I responded …

Good Fences

Robert Frost wrote "Mending Wall" about two men rebuilding a rock wall that separates their properties. The narrator questions the need for the wall, as he believes "something there is that doesn't love a wall." But, contrary to the narrator's whimsical assertions and questioning nature, the neighbor just steadfastly keeps building up the broken down wall and says, "Good fences make good neighbors."

In today's society, we are losing many of our old walls. Public conversations and private lives are available for all to see and hear. You cannot walk through the grocery store, a mall, anywhere any more, without hearing someone's private life discussed in public. Our television and the Internet fills us with sights and sounds of people doing the things they used to do privately. "Reality" TV is everywhere you look, and everyone is on it; in any given day you are photographed by 100 different cameras, from traffic cams, to store secur…