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And What She Said, Too

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And I'll add...

(Prior to the ceremony)


(Saying the vows to each other)


(You may kiss the bride... and I did)


(Happy couple with ceremony adjudicator, Gloria)


(Happy couple with groom's mom)


(After the ceremony, out front of the Courthouse)

Was a good day. A very good day.

Now, on to the paperwork....


I have enjoyed the show Numbers from its inception. It was a clever idea with a star I enjoyed since I first watched him on Northern Exposure (still one of the best shows ever-- well, okay, until the last season or so), Rob Morrow. The premise is this: a group of FBI agents in Los Angeles needs help from the lead agent's brother, a mathematics prodigy. Using math as a guiding principal, they solve crimes.

Admittedly, the premise seemed a little Schoolhouse Rock at first, as they forced these mathematical principals into every show. It seemed almost like an hour long "stay in school" special at times. But slowly the characters (and writers/directors) hit a groove and made the two disparate ideas (math and crime fighting) work together. The actors also hit a groove. Even one of my least favorite actresses, due to her seeming inability to emote on screen, Diane Farr, has hit a nice groove with her character and the rest of the actors.

Lately, however, the show has taken a t…

The Bard Couldn't Be More Wrong...

Parting is not “sweet sorrow”—it is one of the most unnatural and wrenching experiences. And it is getting old. Yes, we are sorrowful, but there is little “sweet” involved when you know you won’t see your honey for a month or more. You love a person and you expect to be with that person. Constantly leaving isn’t getting easier, even if we are getting more “comfortable” (re: resigned, acquiescent, reconciled) with the process involved.We are doing what we can, working on the paperwork, collecting the data, making a note of the questions we have for our lawyer, and will, hopefully, get this process worked out swiftly.The end of March cannot come soon enough for me!

What She Said...

Something to Think About

I wrote the following to a friend and it struck me as a pretty good comment on people and our lives today:
One thing that a lot of people forget is that, when things get the most hectic and an individual is feeling the most overwhelmed with what is going on, is the time they need their friends and family the most. Yet most human beings tend to try to go it alone and become distant from just those sources of comfort and assistance that they could use.

Side Effects

I decided on Monday to spray some orange all-purpose cleaner and degreaser on my grill, as I had not cleaned it in a long time and you could barely tell that there was a window in the front, let alone see any of the instructions or temperature settings on the panel with the gas nobs. With the intention of coming back after 10 minutes or so to wipe off the grill, I sprayed the orange cleaner all over the outside, then on the appropriate places on the inside, and then on the gas tank.

However, I never made it back to wipe it down.

As I sprayed the cleaner, I felt something odd. When I looked down, places on my hand had split open where the somewhat leaky spray bottle was dripping cleaner. I had a large patch of dry skin everywhere where they cleaner had touched my flesh. I was even bleeding at a couple of the cracks. My hand burned a bit and it felt generally uncomfortable.

I had used this particular cleaner quite a few times in the past. I liked it for both its strength and the citrus ora…


I find it odd how we suddenly crave things. I am experiencing the second strong craving I've had in the past couple of weeks.

About two weeks ago and lasting for a little over a week, I was craving salty things. Pickles, chips, pizza, meat, Top Ramen-- anything I could get my hands on that was salty.

This past week that craving died and a new one emerged: chocolate milk. Between Wednesday and today I have consumed a gallon and a half of milk, all as chocolate milk. Today I went to the grocery store, got 4 more half gallon jugs, finished the previous set's gallon and am about half-way through one of the new one's at 2 pm. For me, this means two large scoops of Nesquik chocolate milk powder which is hand-stirred into a glass of milk. You keep the spoon and continue to stir as you drink the milk.

I do not prefer Hershey's syrup, which I know some people use to make choco milk. To me, it doesn't mix as well with the milk and doesn't give the best saturation of chocola…


Last February, my arthritis doctor switched me to sulfasalazine. This medication worked generally well until October. He increased the dose from 1 pill twice a day (2 pills total) to 3 pills a day (I could decide whether it was two in the morning and one at night or the other way). He said if I didn’t see improvement by January 1 to increase to 2 pills twice a day (4 pills total). He scheduled a return visit for February.I followed his instructions. When I saw absolutely no benefits to three pills a day by January 1, I increased my dose to 4 pills a day. It is now the middle of February and I am still suffering through pretty bad bouts of arthritis pain and swelling.The doctor gave me a new script for the drug so I could get the correct amount. As I had plenty of refills on the existing script, I waited to turn in the medication until January and just got my prescriptions a bit more often during the 3 pills a day dosing. Increasing the dose again in January meant I couldn’t really do …

She Wasn't That Special

Okay, enough!

Anna Nicole Smith was not a smart woman. She was not a particularly attractive woman. She was certainly not a talented woman. She was mostly famous for being famous and for taking off her clothes.

She was a mess, financially and personally, by all accounts. Her reality-TV show pointed out all her flaws. She was certainly not the second coming of Marilyn. Get over it.

She is not and was not worthy of this non-stop eulogy with which the media is inundating us. She was an odd woman who led an odd life and died an odd death. A one-paragraph note at the end of the celebs section of the newspaper or at the end of that day's Insider TV show is all this warrants.

And, to the now 6 men who all think they may be ANS's baby's father I have this to say: get a freaking life! This is not your moment of fame. Get out of the limelight and back under the rocks form which you crawled.


This morning I awoke while it was still dark and heard the pitter-patter of the rain on the lane below my window. It slowly lulled me back into a state of light, happy sleep from which I was able to open my eyes a few times without breaking the sleep cycle.

I don't know what it is, but rain usually makes for a more pleasant rest and an easier, slower awakening in the morning. Especially when it is a light, long rain rather than the thunderstorms we typically received in my home town; wherein the sky would unzipper and a torrent would fall for ten to thirty minutes, and then cease and dry up as though no rain had ever fallen.

Also, the cloud cover tends to make it a bit darker in the morning, so it is easier on my eyes to awaken without the glare of the sun impinging itself onto my retinas.

I am sitting in my front room, thinking about making some hot cocoa and with the blinds open so I can watch and wonder at the rain falling softly from the sky.

What a great way to start a lazy Sunda…

The Final Stretch

I have been playing City of Heroes since very shortly after release. Matter of fact, I recently received my 33 month Veteran award within the game.

During that time, I have played a character called Red Thorn in a few initial iterations, but then successfully and consistently with the final version (a Scrapper using the Spines primary and Invulnerable secondary power sets).

While playing, I have had an unspoken agreement with myself not to do anything that I have heretofore considered "cheating;" midding, re-running profitable missions numerous times to maximize XP gain, trading Influence between characters, etc.

The game increased the maximum levels from 40 to 50 total some time ago. However, I never got a character above the high 20s to low 30s until Red Thorn (and only a few since him, too). I worked for my XP, experienced as much game content as I could, ran Task Force missions sometimes, joined PUGs (pick up groups) infrequently but often enough to gain the benefits of tea…


Today is America's second largest, favorite holiday, after Thanksgiving. The Super Bowl is a huge flash and spectacle and is most often a blow-out affair.

Indianapolis vs Chicago

I think that Indy needs to play primarily mistake-free football in order to win this. The way Chicago's Defense dismantled the New Orleans Saint's Offense (which was actually ranked higher in most categories to Indy this season) shows that they are to be feared, even with the losses to its secondary. However, Manning is the best quarterback in the league, and he has three superior receivers to throw to in Clark, Wayne, and Harrison. However, Indy also has a history of folding in the biggest of games, which they must avoid.

Chicago, on the other hand, has the dominant Defense and an offense that is below par. As long as they can run the football with Benson and Jones, it will keep the pressure off of Grossman and their fair to middling receiving corps. If, however, Indy can keep up the pressure on Gro…

Basketball Diaries

I am very frustrated watching the NBA these days. The rules are interpreted in such a way that the offense nearly always has the advantage and the super-stars always get the calls against the non-stars.

The rules say that whomever initiates contact is the one who should be called for the foul. But actually watch any contest and you will see that is the exact opposite of how the calls are made. For example, in the Lakers vs Wizards game yesterday, Andrew Bynum was standing with his hands raised straight up. He was already in foul trouble and didn't want to be called for his next one. Arenas drove directly at him, leaped into Bynum's chest while simultaneously elbowing Bynum to clear some room for his shot-- sure enough, Bynum was called for a foul and Arenas went to free-throw line. How many fouls were committed? Arenas initiated contact by jumping into Bynum and Arenas elbowed Bynum in the chest to clear room. Fouls called? Bynum for, apparently, being in the way.

I used to laug…

Portable Readers

One idea from the Star Trek universe I always found quite useful were the portable readers they carried around. They could download duty rosters, reports, or pleasure reading into these tablets and take the devices with them wherever they went. Over the last five years, manufacturers have started to make our first real-world models of these devices with varying amounts of success. Sony has a beautiful new portable reader available, the PRS-500. I think this is a fabulous idea, as portable readers would allow me to take many of my favorite or new novels with me when I travel in one small, lightweight, and convenient location, rather than, as I did at Christmastime, stuffing multiple different sized and weighted books into my carry-on. In addition, Sony has improved aspects in this portable reader that other PRSes have not, as yet; this PRS will display multiple PRS formats (BBeB Book, PDF, RTF, TXT, DOC), pictures (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF), and music files (AAC7, MP3). Also, it has an easil…