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Not Easy

I knew things wouldn't be easy when I moved here, but some things I certainly didn't expect to be the issues they have become. Take my truck, for example. I knew I had to pay to export it from USA and import it into Canada. I knew I had to get it inspected and approved for use in Canada. But I didn't expect it would be such a hassle.

The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) sent me an email that they couldn't determine if my vehicle had any recalls against it. Before they would release my inspection form, I have to go through Saturn to get a form that says either there are recalls and I've taken care of them or that there are no recalls. Once they receive that, they will release form and allow me to get it inspected.

Now, this letter/information is not something that you can just get from your local Saturn. You have to go through Saturn Corporation to get it. First I contacted a Saturn rep via the My Saturn website and spoke via their direct IM with an actual person.…

Easing On Down the Road

A big thank you to my mother, who drove all the way from California to New Brunswick to help her son out and get him moved to where he wanted to be. She put up with my wild mood swings, incredible stress levels, and a lot more during the drive. But we made it in one piece and I couldn't have done it without her.

The moving in process is taking time. I think M would like it to happen much faster, just because she hates all this change and randomness that is occurring with my move, but intellectually she also knows this will all take time to sort out.

I've started calling and making arrangements for various issues; I was sort of thinking that all the paperwork was involved in getting here and that I wouldn't have to do much more once I arrived. Not so. I have to get a SIN, my PR (green) card, my vehicle inspected and registered, I may have to get a new drivers license, we have to work on Medicare, and, I'm sure, a host of other items I'm not even remembering at this mo…

Going, Going...

The days have been a blur.

I have been working like a fiend to pack, plan, prepare, and prioritize my trip from here to Saint John, NB, Canada. All the time I am also dealing with literally a score of people wanting to know what is going on, exterior forces that have their own agendas (mostly business people who don't seem to realize that I need them NOW), and juggling my emotions.

As of today, the apartment is pretty far along the path toward being packed up. I still have a lot of work to do tomorrow, of course, but it is far along. The hitch is on the truck (even if the ball was installed upside down on the ball assembly), damn near every scrap of food is gone from the apartment, the closets are empty, and all of the furniture except the PC desk is gone. Some of these became adventures that made the steps trials in their own right.

I picked up a TomTom GPS for the trip, to help us get where we're going safely, and for my first few months (and maybe longer!) in Canada, as I won&…


I talk a good talk. I say, "I will only spend so much on my pet. I can always get another pet."

But I don't walk the walk.

Living in the desert, pet death is a fact of life. Our family has had more than one pet run over by a car, be poisoned by haters or insects/arachnids, run afoul of the wild dogs and coyotes that roam freely, or just go missing one day and you don't know what became of them.

I thought I had something lined up for Caly, tentatively, until she was diagnosed with diabetes. It was always a tough sell to any person or organization to take an obese cat with a history of UTIs and a little, tiny bit of "bad behavior" thrown in. But the diabetes was the end. No one wants a 10 year old cat, no matter how cute, that may pee on things, and has to be given injections twice a day, monitored, and given a special, more expensive diet. That was a killer. And I simply felt that moving Caly, at her age and with her conditions, to a brand new environment in Ca…

The Eyes Have It

I just found my baby book. One thing I found very interesting is that, according to my mom's notes, I was born with bright blue eyes which then turned "pure brown!" (with an underline on brown).

This surprises me as my eyes are now very definitely hazel-- mostly greenish, with brown mostly around the very outside, and some gold flecking throughout. They can become more brown with certain emotions and more green with certain emotions, but there is not a trace of blue at all and the brown is definitely not something to be underlined and exclaimed over!

If the eyes truly are the window to our souls, what does it mean when the window changes so dramatically? What does it mean when the window continues to change?

The First Hitch in the Plan

I ordered a hitch for my SUV through UHaul, which at the time had a great price. However, it turns out that it was back ordered and wouldn't ship, I find out today (6/2) until next week... which is fine except my plans are revolving around leaving around the 9th or 10th.

I went back to another site that had them and they are having a $10 off sale for today only, they have lowered the list price for the exact same hitch to under what UHaul was selling it for, and they claim they are in stock. So I pulled the trigger on that purchase, and got the entire thing, plus the ball assembly, for about $30-40 less than the same order from UHaul. If it ships today or tomorrow, I should have it by the end of this week.

So this means I may not get out quite on the original schedule. However, mom has cleared her calendar of the issues she had so we both have no plans for the foreseeable future. If we don't get out right away, who cares?

I have canceled all of my utilities for the 19th, which is…

Pomegranate Lemonade

When I was visiting Costco a while back, one of the trial people had a refreshing new product from Minute Maid: pomegranate lemonade. I like pomegranates (one of the few people I know who does) and I enjoy both pink and yellow lemonade. I also like cherry and raspberry lemonade, on occasion. So I gave it a try.

I was surprised by just how refreshing and thirst-quenching it was.

My local Albertsons got it in recently and I purchased one. I drank the entire 1 quart jug over the rest of that day, I was enjoying it so much.

The flavor is at first sweet and then a little tart. It definitely tastes like you are drinking lemonade, yet you also have the sweet fruitiness of the pomegranate. Neither flavor is overwhelming, and both seem to be competing for your attention as the liquid flows across your tongue. And, most importantly, when I finish drinking it, I don't feel thirsty any more (something that has never happened drinking water and rarely happens with other beverages to a satisfyi…

Packing Up

Although it was her birthday, a fact that my very preoccupied mind had all but forgotten until my wife reminded me a few days ago, my mother came down today prepared to work. She arrived around 8:30 am and we immediately went to breakfast at Denny's (I prefer IHOP, but the one across the street sucks donkey kidneys and the other closest one is down by work, so I don't go to that one too often from here). We were back and ready to start work by about 9:30.

We started in the garage, just because we were already downstairs. First we got the not-a La-Z-Boy recliner that has been in the garage for about 5 years and wheeled it over to the garbage bins and threw it out. Next I confirmed the vast majority of the boxes were empty and awaiting use. Three boxes were left with stuff that I need to go through. There are some other items that need to be gone through, but those should be faster/easier. We put the really old, solid metal air compressor into her truck (heavy sucker!) which I ha…