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Thursday Thoughts

Mark, the character played by Christian Slater in the movie Pump Up the Volume, had it right. Our generation is looking for someone, anyone, to lead us.

Previous generations had the World Wars to give them focus and conviction. In those wars, good and evil were more defined and clear cut. We had the infrastructure projects to pull the country out of the Depression, when we built huge highways and dams, among other things. Later we had Kennedy and the space race to energize the nation and provide jobs and focus. Even Reagan, taking office when we were still in the grips of the oil embargoes, turned our attention to defeating our old Cold War nemesis Russia and we soon saw the fall of the Berlin wall.

What have we seen since then? A "war" with Iraq that lasted hours and didn't solve anything. A President that had sex with his intern and didn't know the meaning of the word "relations." Now we have another war with Iraq that isn't solving anything and is wast…


On the 26th day of April at 11:40 pm in 1971, I came into this world. Average life expectance seems to be around 76 years old for America, so I am now nearing "midlife" for an American male. It amuses me to state that, because most people think of their late forties or fifties as midlife, even though it is really closer to the end.

Mom always likes to tell (and I enjoy hearing) the story about her being in labor at the military hospital on base, being told to leave and “don’t come back until your water breaks” (this is back when hospitals could do that sort of thing). The mad dash back to the hospital that night where mom pushed her way in and informed them that her water hadn’t broken but I was a-coming. They didn't believe her until they looked and saw my bald head crowning. Mom having her water break as she was cursing and pushing and bringing me forth in the world.

The mix-up during naming where mom thought they had agreed to the name “Eric Allen” but, when dad filled …


Sacrilege! Horror! A pox on whomever did this!

I just heard the "exclusive" radio dance remix version of U2's "With or Without You," arguably one of the all-time best slow songs EVER. The driving dance rhythm and funky pseudo-70s backing tracks almost smother Bono's singing.

How could they do this? Who said, "Let's take a perfect song, and "improve" it" with dance drum beats and fast rhythm guitar work?

The horror! The horror!


Story Idea

I had the following story seed awhile ago. Not sure what to do with it, if anything, but I like it.
----- In a time before time, far to the north, in a frost-covered valley ringed on three sides by jagged, rocky mountains, there was a strange rift in the ground. In this rift a pool of molten rock bubbled and seethed. This pool was so hot that the ice and snow turned to steam for a hundred yards around it.

From this pool emerged a large figure. It was tall, taller than the tallest man in our village by half a head or more. It had a broad, muscular, red chest. On its back were two red, bat-like wings, folded. Its powerful legs became hairy and coarse and ended in cloven feet like those of the antelope that leap through our plains. It had a broken visage that looked like somewhat like the big apes that live down by the river. Its mouth and teeth were like those of the powerful hyena that can snap bones and chew through our hardest woods. Its eyes were yellow and reflected light in the darkn…

Thursday Thoughts

I was originally in favor of an age limit in the NBA. In almost any sport, for that matter, but it seemed that the NFL was self-regulating in that regard (how many High Schoolers really have the size to go into the NFL?), and other sports, such as baseball and tennis, seemed to have decent farm systems or ranking systems that ensured that only the best quality made it to the truly professional level.

An age limit in the NBA, I argued, would allowed people to mature, to learn the game, and to prepare them to some degree for the rigors of the much longer and much harsher world of the professional basketball circuit. I further contended that very few of the straight-to-NBA High Schoolers made an immediate impact. Look at Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnet; both have been successful, true, but both took 2-3 years of playing to learn the ins and outs of the game and reach that "next level" their potential provided. It was only then that they became the big stars they are now. I furthere…

Bowling Tournament, Part 2

So today I was feeling more confident about my skills but concerned about the two sets of three games I would need to bowl.

Turns out that was exactly right.

We started with the doubles event, and I was paired with a Jackie against Mike and Karlee. Karlee was still hurting from the day before and she was holding her arm most of the day. Mike looked a bit more focused, but was still more interested in having a good time than anything else.

I started strong, with a 190, then lost it completely as the oil pooled and moved down the synthetic lanes. My next game was a whopping 133! I had no hook at all and had trouble holding any line whatsoever. I got my ass in gear and managed to finish the series with a 168-- only 10 pins off my average.

Two things really got to me: the fast pace (only 4 bowlers total) and the inconsistant lane conditions. It took me time to slow my own pace down and make the others wait for me (as long as it was reasonable, of course). It also took me awhile to find a line…

Bowling Tournament, Part 1

So today (Saturday, April 9th) was the first day of the two-day bowling tournament a guy at work talked me into. The team event was held at the lanes right down the street from where I live. While I felt the organization left a little to be desired (if I wasn't hooking up with said friend, I would not have known where to go or what to do), I settled in and found my team.

We wound up being two guys and two girls. The guy and one girl were a married couple, Mike and Karlee. Both were quite nice and seemed like old hats to this; they've done national tournaments, so it probably was. Jackie was our fourth-- very personable, which is good as she is my doubles partner for tomorrow.

We all had scratch averages in the vacinity of the 170s, with Mike and I being the two highest.

I was the rabbit, or first one to throw for my team. I haven't been in that position for many years, as I'm usually the anchor on my regular bowling teams. It was fun and a little nerve-wracking moving out…


For the most part, blogs have atrocious spelling, poor grammar, and abysmal punctuation. Many more people blog than really have anything to say (I may fall into that category-- you be the judge). Although a technical writer in my career, I am frequently surprised and scared by the errors in my own posts (of course, in my career it is important to have someone review your work-- since you wrote it, you are frequently to close to it to catch every mistake. The same holds true for any writing, or course, except I don't have editors in my personal life).

I hear many people both scoff at, and be in a little awe of, those who blog. I've heard this said with both derision and surprise, "You blog?"

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that blogging gets people to do one of two things that have been on a steady decline in this country: read and/or write.

Every single blog you read is one more page of text you read. Every entry you write is one more page of text you wrote. E…

Idle Comment

Is anyone else freaked by the King in the new series of Burger King ads? Man, that costume and that perpetually grinning face just weird me out.

I especially don't like the one where the door opens and that grinning face is just standing there-- too Jason-esque/slasher filmish for me, I guess.

It's weird to type that, too. I watch horror films all the time and so rarely get a good fright. Then THAT comes on TV... shudder.