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As I drove home last night, the sky was awash in dirty slate and indigo cirrus clouds way up high. In the center of this sea of sameness was one, deep-red, nimbus cloud stretched out a bit and broken just right to look like a large red exclamation point floating in the sky.

Then the sun went below the horizon and this emphatic sign melded with the purples and blues of the rest of the night's sky and was gone.

Personality Types

So I found and decided to take two different, but similar, online personality quizzes based on actual psychological tests.

On both of them, I came back as the "Rational/Architect" type and, specifically, INTP. I would have to guess that is very close to my actual personality results as both test came back with the identical results (even the percentages were in the same ranges for each personality descriptor).

What surprised me the most was how low the intuitive/perceptive scores came back. I have always lived my life based more on Wisdom and Experience than Intelligence or Book learning. That is the one area where my sister and I really differ; while both intelligent, thoughtful people, I was always the 'street smart' one and she was always the 'book smart' one.

But then I started thinking about it even more. For example, I always loved the sciences, all branches, but had trouble with the math. I always was strong in english, writing, comprehension, but was …


I friend of mine got me thinking today about the masks we wear. Or, not so much the masks we wear but how we act when we wear masks.

My friend is normally a conservative, quiet, proper woman. She has recently discovered the freedom involved with dressing up in costume and acting. At her company’s Halloween get together, as well as another event, she was in full costume and discovered the joys of singing and “acting the part” with her fellow employees. I mentioned how shocked our former colleagues at a company at which we both worked would be to see this side of her.

Playing dress-up and acting is just one mask people wear. Others include using drugs, most notably alcohol, as well as actual physical masks, and titles or positions.

In studies it is found that when people are served alcohol free beers without their knowledge, most individuals still exhibit the exact same loss of inhibitions and behavior as when served a drink. This begs the question: is alcohol really to blame, or is it …

Calvin and Hobbes

I miss the old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. It so perfectly captured the angst of the world using its two anti-heroes. Bill Watterson was so good at driving his point home and showing today's reality through his protagonist's eyes. He had a way of perfectly expressing the child within all of us while pointing out the absurdities of the adult world.

I cannot help but wonder what he/they would have to say about 9/11, Enron, the (second) war in Iraq, Martha Stewart, and a host of other problems that have cropped up since this strip was cancelled.