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Boston, MA

We drove to Boston on Sunday. It was a long drive, but I was glad to have such an astute navigator as my wife (with the aid of Samantha, the TomTom). The drive was pretty much a straight shot down, just stopping long enough for lunch and to trade in some clothes M had purchased in Florida.

Boston has been cold and wet. Not maybe as cold as SJ frequently is, but the wetness makes it feel that much colder. It has rained pretty much since we arrived until now, and doesn't look to cease before we drive away in about 5 hours.

We are staying at the Liberty Hotel, which is inbetween the West End and Beacon Hill areas of the city. It was, up until the '90s a prison. Now it is trying to be an up-scale hotel in the area. And by upscale I primarily mean that it has all the prices of a ritzy place and little of the true amenities.

Our windows, for example, are not double-paned or sound proof, so the traffic on the massive "circle" outside, plus the external subway across the street…

Some Thoughts

1. I don't get the current attitude in education reform where they are firing tenured teachers (and, in one case, an entire district worth of teachers) for student's bad test scores. I wish we could use the same philosophy in government or the business worlds: I didn't succeed, therefore it is my manager/VP/CEO's fault, and he/she should be fired. Let's try going back to a) allowing students to fail and b) making it the children's fault when they don't succeed, unless you have proof that a teacher is not doing his/her job or is actively working against a student's success.

Damn near every teacher I know tries hard to educate, spends much of their own money, spends many extra hours grading and tutoring, and will bend over backward to help their students. They get paid shit wages for doing one of the most important jobs in any nation.

Too many students I know or have seen do not want to be educated, want to have good grades handed to them for little to no w…