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Abortion Clinic Tragedy

Let me state right at the beginning that I am personally against abortion. I feel that there are enough options out there for both men and women, including abstinence, condom use, and chemical and surgical options, that pregnancy is an extremely remote possibility for the conscientious. However, I understand that a very sizable minority of women want and need abortion as an option, so I feel it should remain safe, legal, and affordable for those times when circumstances out of a woman's control occur and/or an abortion is deemed necessary by the woman/couple/doctor.

Today, I read articles (here's one) about a doctor in Pennsylvania who was running what can only loosely be called an "abortion clinic." From what the article describes, this man was simply a modern day Dr. Frankenstein or, worse, serial killer masquerading as a doctor. I will not go into detail and I advise those with weak stomachs or who get nightmares easily from disturbing images not to read those art…

Movie Round Up, 2010

I usually have specific dates for each movie, as I keep my ticket stubs. This year, I had a little accident involving losing my glasses case and whoever found it at the movie theater "helpfully" threw all my stubs out (but put the case in the lost and found). So I have to guess on some of the movie dates.

Avatar 1/16/10
Disappointing film. While visually stunning, of course, and with surprisingly good acting, the plot was weak. There were plot holes so large you could drive a space cruiser through it. It was, quite literally, Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas mixed together and set in outer space. If you don't believe me, check this site out and laugh. And damn James Cameron for starting the whole 3-D craze which, thankfully, seems to be dying out already.

The Book of Eli January 1/10
This was a disappointment only because the first three quarters of the film, nay, more, was really effective and interesting. The "twist" ending, however, absolutely destroyed the o…

Shot Congresswoman

Someone shot a Congresswoman while she was out on a meet-n-greet in Arizona. Along with the representative, a Chief Judge for AZ, a 9/11 baby, and a few others were shot and killed, and some number more were injured in the shooting. I do not condone this violence in any way, shape, or form. This is a heinous act and I hope those responsible, including family members and others who may have known and can be held accountable as accessories before or after the fact, all get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

However, this violent act may cause some good. Hopefully, it will have a mediating effect on Congress. It is time for this asinine "war" between the Republicans and everyone else be shelved and the parts of Congress to work together to find solutions to the very serious issues that face America.

It is true that, after being under the thumb and steamrolled by Republicans for years, the Democrats when they got control of Congress turned around and did the same to th…

Musical Importance

I have been wondering lately why none of the music that comes out seems to have meaning or impact on my life. When I was in my teens and early twenties, music had importance. A band like U2 came out and they not only had a message, but that message had a great beat and you could dance to it. George Michael had songs that were potent and fit into the rhythm of my life. Prince and Guns n Roses spoke to my inner wild child in various ways. Tori Amos had deep, emotional resonance. These days, nothing speaks to me. I don't think in terms of songs expressing an era of my life and I don't feel the same rhythms. I simply listen to music and either enjoy it or not.

That led me to wonder, does music being important and a way of expressing your life have a shelf life? Each person I speak with seems to have the same 14 to about 25 age range wherein the music spoke most loudly and clearly to them, and meant the most to their lives. Today, those who still love music, seem to be searching to…